Need help with Swag Docker - Worked before container update

Anyone well-versed in docker on Synology that can give me a hand? Specifically with regard to Swag and Cloudflared. I’ve had it working for a long time. Today I updated the containers and now Swag seems to be denying or not listening for connections.

Cloudflare seems to be working. I can try to load a page hosted by cloudflare and I can see the cloudflared log change. So the tunnel is definitely working. It’s something between cloudflared and swag, or swag itself.
Cloudflared log says: Unable to reach origin service.

I’ve checked the settings and I can’t find anything amiss.

Cloudflared is pointing to in config.yml is the address of the Synology server and Swag ports are set to 1443->443 and 180->80

I see no errors or access in the Swag logs since the update.

I have other containers, like code-server, running on the same docker. It can be accessed via, so the address and ports are working.

Trying to access just says this page isn’t working. When I try the the local address to my home swag server running on unRAID I get the 400 Bad Request page from nginx (what I’d expect). So, it appears either I’m not getting to Swag via 1443 or Swag isn’t responding.

What files may be changed when updating the container on Synology? Could a file be overwritten that would affect this?