Need monitor recommendation any good prime day deals?

Hi All,

I am looking for a new monitor (my old 27" LG ultra fine died)

Side note: I cannot recommend a monitor LESS than the old LG ultra fine’s that they partnered with apple with. I bought two and both had the same issues (they would just start flickering to black), first one got RMA’d within the first year, the second one just died after only 3 years…

Ideally I would go for a USB-C / Thunderbolt monitor as it works with my setup, and I see myself in the future going for a Mac Studio. I would prefer to stick with 27in 16x9 VESA mount monitor just so I can replace it. Studio display is just too expensive for me to justify. Does not have to be 5k, 4k is totally fine.


Hello, I would recommend to choose from the series ViewFinity (Samsung) according to your own requirement.

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Thanks for the info! They look absolutely awesome from a spec and price perspective, but looks like on both B&H and Amazon, they have pretty poor reviews.

Do you have one that you have used before? I definitely have seen products get bad reviews in the past where they were actually fine

Edit: it looks like most of the bad reviews are citing daisy chaining which is not something I was planning on doing

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I have one that is several generations old, very rarely causes problems. A friend has the ViewFinity Monitor S90PC (27) and is very happy with it, he uses Windows 11 and not Apple. If there are currently problems, they will be fixed with the next software update at the latest. It supports 5k, 4k camera, only 60Hz, AirPlay etc… is still a significantly better price-performance ratio compared to the Apple Studio Display.

Good to know man! Thanks!

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I use two HP Z27k G3’s at work every day with my Macbook Pro (M1 Pro). 27 Inch, 4K, USB-C/Thunderbolt monitors. Daisy chain just fine if you’re using Windows. Two years in and zero issues. Great performance. Look fantastic. Excellent price.