Networking woes & how to use web station

What I would like to achieve:

Run Wordpress on my DS1522 on a domain name.
I have a domain name for this.

I use Synology Drive for customers so they can send me files and I can make files available for customers.

Drive is made available through the portal at (klanten = dutch for customers)

When I set up Webstation so the Wordpress installation can be reached without any /wordpress or anything my other services are unreachable and show a 404.

Main purpose is to use the Wordpress page as a portal to sync drive / photos /

Can this be done?

So it depends on how you setup the web station to work for Wordpress.

What I have started recommending people do is manually install Wordpress, rather than using the Wordpress app. This way all of your reverse proxy’s should just continue working just fine

I have checked your video. Thanks.
Difference is I think I would like to have the Wordpress site running on the main domain name…
(I have bought a domain just for this and I have set a A-record to my (fixed) home IP.

Still nog sure if I can run this and have external access to the services like drive and photos…

Thanks a lot. You’re a great help and inspiration…