New Synology 1812+ with Seagate EXOS 16T - OK or not?

I just purchased a Synology1812+ 8-bay along with Seagate 16TB HDD Exos X16 7200 RPM 512e/4Kn SATA 6Gb/s 256MBCache 3.5-Inch Enterprise Hard Drives (ST16000NM001G).

I thought these drives were compatible but now I see, I was looking at the wrong page and on the 1812+ page, nothing but Synology drives are listed. Opps, my bad.

So should I return these drives and buy the listed Synology 16T drives? Or is it OK to use the Exos 16 drives I purchased?

From YT videos I’ve seen, it looks like the non-listed drives will trigger an orange warning with the latest DSM 7.2.1 software? How much of an issue is this?

Please advise. Should I continue with the Exos 16 drives or turn back?


I have 4 ST20000NM007D (Exos 20TB) and I had no problems in my DS1522+. Except for the warning you should not experience any problem. Just switch them to 4Kn before putting them into the Synology.

Thanks Marin and Will (for the new video today).

I’m not sure what does “switch them to 4Kn” means though. What do I have to do?
(as far as I know, there are now switches on the drives themselves).

btw Will, I have to say the drum roll on your video made my day! It’s so good to see someone with a sense of humor still when we are dealing with all of these serious and costly problems! Despite the gravity of life, we will never get out alive. Hopefully Synology will someday make things a bit more clear.



The 512e/4Kn is the sector size. As drive got bigger over time, it is better to use bigger sector size which is better aligned with file system cluster size.

For Seagate you can use the SeaChest Utilities (SeaChest Utilities | Support Seagate US).

More info on the subject and procedure: How to convert 512e to 4Kn using Fast Format (Seagate Exos X16 drive) ? | TrueNAS Community

I hat to put my disks in another computer and do this from Windows. And do a reboot and recheck after changing this because it will not be shown with the info after changing if you don’t reboot.

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