New Synology Bare Metal Hyperbackup - What have your experiences been?

Synology has added in the new Hyper-backup option which allows for bare metal backups of your Synology NAS

Synology has deployed hyper-backup 4.1 which now includes a full bare metal restore option!

This promises to be much faster than old school hyperbackup, and can fully back everything up! While also being much faster

What has your expense been?

I have had a few posts floating around about this, but I wanted to bring them all into one place. For people who have tried it what have you seen? Going through and doing my own testing, but it takes a while!

Other posts on it


I had time to play with Hyper Backup (HB) entire NAS backup and restore on a DS923+, which I currently have available for testing.

The entire NAS backup and restore is precisely what the label says. Data, applications, and system configuration are included in the backup. A restore removes any data from the current setup.

The functionality is similar to the Active Backup for Business (AB4B) bare metal backup with the AB4B Agent.

I made some summarizing remarks. If there is anything specific you would like to know, please ask.

Supported NAS model

AB4B and HB support this feature on DSx18+ and higher/later models as source NAS. The destination NAS with HB Vault may be any system as long as HB Vault is version 4.1.0 or later. For example, a DS118 with HB Vault works. This is an advantage of HB versus AB4B, as the latter requires at least a Plus model as destination NAS.

Storage Pool and Volume

A restore creates the storage pool and volume configuration. Btrfs and Ext4 volumes at the source NAS are supported. HB can restore an encrypted volume, including a local Encryption Key Vault. It was not tested with a KMIP setup.

AB4B system restore does currently not support restoring an encrypted volume.

Backup settings

It is very similar to a regular file/folder backup, with the difference that folders and applications are automatically included—nothing to select here. You can configure rotation as usual. Subsequent backups are incremental.

Backup destination

AB4B backs up to a remote Synology NAS only. HB backs up to a remote Synology NAS or Synology C2 Storage with an Advanced Plan.


AB4B can restore to a bare-metal NAS or a running system to the same type of NAS.

HB needs a running system to the same type of NAS; no storage pool or volume required, no apps (no HB) required; pool and volume are rebuilt from backup during restore.

You can opt-in for network settings in the restore.

Once you give the restore a go, all information on the NAS will be removed, and you have to wait until it is finished.


AB4B Agent on source, AB4B on destination

HB on the source, HB Vault on destination, or C2 Storage with an Advanced plan

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Does HB require the same amount of backup storage space, or is the backup compressed in some way?

So I just tested this and apparently the data is deduplicated!


I did some more testing—a summary.

The entire NAS or system backup is available with Active Backup for Business (AB4B) and Hyper Backup (HB). They work similarly, with similar results, but with minor differences.


The NAS you plan to backup must be a DSx18+ model or higher, running DSM 7.2, and the latest version of AB4B or HB. Both packages backup to another Synology NAS. AB4B works with its agent package, HB, with HB Vault. Ext4 and Btrfs volumes are supported. Both solutions restore to the same or similar hardware. Consecutive backups are incremental, and a retention policy is available. During restore, you can apply/neglect the network configuration. System restore is started from the Control Panel. VirtualDSM is not supported.

Encrypted volume
HB/AB4B: restored; AB4B Agent needs an update that you can get from support

Encrypted shared folder
HB/AB4B: restored, unmounted state

WORM shared folder
HB/AB4B: restored

Virtual Machine Manager with vDSM
HB/AB4B: vDSM and VMM settings are not restored; free vDSM license is retained; storage node is lost
Update: initialize VMM again; set up storage node manually and import existing VMs when requested; review and set VMM settings again.

Docker Container
HB/AB4B: both still working

DSM update
Unknown. I am waiting for an update to be released.

The HB extras that AB4B has not

  • support for Synology C2 Storage (with Advanced plan) as a backup destination
  • HB Vault on value series model is sufficient; no Plus model required (AB4B and AB4B Agent both require a Plus model or higher)
  • support for encrypted volumes (may come to AB4B in the future)

The AB4B extras that HB has not

  • selective file and folder restore from system backup (HB does only a complete system restore)
  • bare metal restore (HB needs a running system)

Use cases
For example, a business with multiple branch offices, each with its own NAS that synchronizes with the main office. A system backup, in combination with a spare NAS on the shelf, brings the office up and running in no time after a generic NAS failure. System management can take the defective NAS to the main office for repair or replacement.

Another case could be update management. If the system does not function appropriately after updates, you could revert to the previous state if you made a system backup before the update. I’m not sure if you can revert DSM updates, though.

Migration is another option if you upgrade within the limitations of the system update. Note that you can disable network settings in the restore.

Primary backup or additional backup. In particular, the AB4B system backup that allows you to restore files and folders is a tempting option. Or you create a system backup to one device and a generic Hyper Backup to another.


Do you know if there is a way to convert an existing Files and Folders backup to a bare metal one? Thanks.

As far as I know that is not possible.

For the record, only Active Backup for Business (AB4B) offers a bare metal backup. Hyper Backup offers an entire backup. Their purpose and end result is identical, but Hyper Backup needs a running system to start the restore. The term ‘bare metal’ backup means that you can restore to a new NAS has is not fully initialized yet. Before logging in to DSM. Currently, only AB4B offers that functionality.

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I just set up a 1522+ at home and I was considering a second NAS to put at my office strictly for remote backup of my main system. Currently I’m just using 2x12 TB drives in SHR, hosting ~5TB . Would this full backup of HB be preferable for my situation? Also, what is the best recommendation for a strict
remote backup NAS, model# and setup? Thanks.

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This thread is a little old, but this is not correct. I did a complete system backup with Hyper backup. I am now doing a bare metal restore from Hyperbackup.

The system will come up using a firmware boot. You can then log in and install hyperbackup and off you go.

That being said, it is not worth it. The restore time is not usable. It is a known issue, and I know of no resoution. The backup up of 15tb took 24 hours roughly. The restore is going to take 24 days! WTH!!

You sure can’t use this for a system that needs to be back in a reasonable time.

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