New to NAS - Help with how to Migrate my data?

(a little background)
I’ve ordered a Synology 1522+ with 3 16gb Seagate Wolf Pro NAS drives and a 400gb SSD cache. It will arrive tomorrow. The reason for my move to NAS is that my primary external drive failed over the weekend and I want a better solution. I’m a photographer with about 5 TB of data currently.

I’ve been watching all of the YouTube content from Will, it’s fantastic, thanks. But I have a basic question.

I’ve ordered a copy of my drive backup from BackBlaze and will migrate that backup to my new NAS.

**What is the fastest (most efficient) way to move all of the data from that backup drive to my new NAS? **

Should I connect the backup drive directly to the NAS and use the NAS software to copy my data? Or, use the backup drive as an external drive on my desktop computer and use Windows 10 file explorer to move the files? Other options?

My primary workstation is a Dell XPS 8930, 32 gb of RAM, Windows 10 with a 1 GB ethernet connection. I also have a USB C connection and bought a USB C to RJ45 2.5 gb ethernet conversion cable. Thx … Mike

I would certainly prefer to connect the USB drive to the NAS and perform the copying from File Station (that is the file browser on the NAS).

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