New to Synology and have connectivity questions

Just not getting helpful answers at Synology Forums or Support Tickets. Saw some of your videos and reaching out.

My entire system has moved physical locations. Previously, I had a modem / router and all connected via ethernet or wifi on that system. The router had fixed IP of ALL other computers and devices used that as the default gateway and had fixed IP in that group. Everything worked.

NOW: I have no modem / router. I am connected on my pc to wifi at the location run by someone else on a 10.10.X. x network. All devices use this wifi. My computer is still on 192.168.0.X with a fixed IP and the same old default gateway for ethernet. But connects wifi so no issues there.

I added a DS923+. Gave it a fixed IP on 192.168.0.xx, uses the same Gateway IP of of the connected PC. Mapped it as a network drive and all works - EXCEPT no notifications, no verify adaptive MFA, no Quick Connectivity., Etc. It has no internet.

Seems to be only two possible solutions:

  1. Internet Connection Sharing:

If I go to the Ethernet settings and try to enable share the connection, then it tells me it will change the IP address (I assume for the PC - not just the adapter, yes?) To And may not be able to communicate with other devices and computers. And Other Devices MUST be on DHCP.

I STILL want to be able to access the nas as a mapped network drive.

Seems I need to change the NAS and PC to DHCP to share. So two questions:

  • Should I change the NAS or the PC first to DHCP? Does it matter? I don’t want to lose connectivity or mapping.
  • I access DSM now by http://fixed_IP:5000. When I go DHCP, how do I access DSM?

Second possibility:

  1. LAN 2 wired

I CAN run ethernet cable from other folks router to LAN 2 on the DS923+. Would that work leaving everything else the same? if not, will that work at all and what changes would I need to make?

Thanks so much!


Got it working surprisingly easy with LAN 2 to wireless router.