New user should I buy WD60EFAX WD Red 6tb NAS Hard Drive

I just bought a Synology Ds923+. I saw the video where Will says he won’t buy WD anymore. Should I switch Seagate IRONWOLF 6TB NAS 3.5IN 6GB/S SATA 256MB

Never ever put WD60EFAX in your system.
These drives are SMR drives that do not work with RAID systens and have a brutally poor performane especially in Synology systems. WD tried to cut costs and is paying dearly for the fallout.

Check this link. CMR drives are the ones you are looking for.

When the box can be a little bit louder you can also consider data center drives - cheaper, high capacity but tend to be a bit louder. Check for EXOS, ULTASTAR, …