[New Video] Container Manager in DSM 7.2 Beta is a great update to docker

In Synology DSM 7.2 Beta docker has been replaced by container manager. With one really stand out feature, container manager now supports docker compose!

Docker compose makes deploying docker containers really easy, and also repeatable. Pretty much every single docker man page has a section for ‘docker compose’

The other notable update: updates docker containers can now easily be updated!


Hey @Will - do you know if the the plan is to support docker to container manager upgrades for any existing containers? I’m hoping so!

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All of my docker containers from DSM 7.1 just cleanly came over to container manager in 7.2!

hey there, I’m wondering if there’s a way to update a container’s settings and see the option to update it? I recently upgraded from DCM 7.1 → 7.2 and container manager shows and runs all nine of my containers. I know that many of them have more recent builds but none are showing me the option to update. Is there a way to do this without having to re-install or update manually?

So if your versions are tagged with :latest then there should be an automatic update

Hi and thanks for a cool video. But I have big problems in Container manager. I can’t stop the twingate connector and it keeps saying “the network connection is unstable or the system is busy. Try again later” I have tried uninstalling “CM” and restarting my DS 423+. Still same problem. Can you offer any advice on removing the twingate connector?
Apologies in advance if this is wrongly posted. :slight_smile:

anyone know how i can change the network settings of existing containers in container manager?
i need to change them all from bridge to host, but i cant seem to be able to find how.

You will need to stop the container and get to the edit settings. Otherwise you may have to export and import

I only see the option to change the network mode, if I create a new container.
Which is what I ended up doing.

Ah good to know.

At least docker is portable!