Newbie trying to "start" Wordpress without transfering a website

Hi all,
I followed Will’s great explanation of how to install several instances of wordpress and I managed to get 2 small sites working (all working great). Now I am ready to to do the same for a larger site, but I don’t want to transfer hosting yet.
Just back it up tp wordpress in Synology. I am afraid to screw things up.
Is there a way to get wordpress to “install” like this?
Thanks for any help!!

So there are some Wordpress migration settings you can use. But all of this would be through Wordpress, not really through synology

Thanks Will. I just wanted to make sure no settings in Synology were involved.

Hi again,
I am trying to complete the Wordpress installation (without a domain)
This Wordpress installation is located at “web/Wpolympia”
Obviously the below not working. What am I doing wrong?

Appreciate any help. Tried so many things. No luck

Still not able to complete installation.


is this even remotely close from external computer?

I have two tips for you.

First, do not capitals in your WordPress folder name. Use ‘wpolympia’ instead.
Second, try without /web in your URL because ‘wpolympia’ is the root folder of your WordPress.

Thank you Paul for your help.
I tried changing to lowercase, but no difference. Same taking out “web”. No difference.
Thanks anyways!!

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