No Package Center Connectivity after Update to DSM 7.2-64570 Update 1

I’m currently updating several DiskStations from DSM 7.1 to DSM 7.2 Update 1.
After the update serval devices lost connectivity with the package center. I have seen that after waiting for 10-30min the package center connect to the servers and updated the installed app.

However I have still 3 devices (DS1520+, DS420+, DS220+) that after 2 hours still refuse to connect to the package center.

I can exlude time and network issues as root cause and seeing Will’s Youtube I think this is an issue created by DSM 7.2 reorganizing the installed apps.

I manually installed DSM 7.2 Update 2 on one of the machines but still have this problem.

Any suggestions how to trouble shoot the package center besided manually reinstall the apps?

Feedback appreciated
We had some minor issues with DSM 7.2-64570 Update 1 (

Official Synology KB:

SOLUTION - on a Diskstation DS1520+ I uninstalled and manually installed a single app package (USB copy) and when finished with the installation the package center reconnected and started repairing the remaining packages.

When I replicated the steps on a DS220+ the package center reconnected after uninstallting/reinstalling 3 packages (USB Copy, Hyper Backup, Hyper Backup Vault). Maybe it was due to the slower processor that station needed more time to reconnect or…

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Great info!

During the time where the package manager was unavailable was there disk activity going on? 2 hours really seems like it should be long enough for anything required like that

I am facing this issue as well after DSM 7.2 Update1. Besides that, when I do a DSM Update check, it also shows “No internet connection. Please check your internet connection” error. I checked the default gateway which is my router IP address; also changed DNS to but still getting the same error.

Any suggestion and help is appreciated. Thanks