NORDVPN on Home Router - Synology Access

Hi all,

First off, thank you for all the videos I have been following you on YouTube for a long time, great content!

I would like to know if anyone has installed a VPN on their home router (I am thinking of NORDVPN on my OpenWRT router) to run full time, and if so did they have any issues with ABB, DDNS, Photos App etc. on their Synology? Currently everything is working great.
I have experimented with VPN on the router before and it seemed to give me more consistent speeds throughout the day.

If you need any more info on my setup please let me know. It would be good to hear your thoughts.

Hope that makes sense?

Thanks Tony.

You likely will run into issues accessing things outside of your home network. Quick connect may still work, but you will have to manually update your DDNS address as your Synology will only see the Nord public IP. Port forwarding will be hit or miss overall.

Probably not worth it in my opinion

Thanks for the quick response. I did think as much, probably leave it as everything is working sweet as a nut at the minute.


Can the Synology Router be set up so that it uses the VPN on the outbound traffic or when certain computers [via MAC address] access the router to get out?

I use certain computers for general things and others have more limited use that I use for a bank or have to [forced] to use a military VPN that won’t work well with my regular VPN…