Nothing syncs in Drive

Hi there,
I watched many of your videos and they are great! Thanks to you I bought DS923+ plus 2 x 4TB SSD drivers. Configured it, run it as per your steps in videos. One of my main motives to get Synology is to replace both Dropbox and iCloud. So far I love what I got and it seems to be a great device. I definitely need to have remote access so programmers we work with can use it to store files and collaborate.
I have iMac and installed Synology Drive on it. It opened Drive utility on the screen and under Sync Tasks it says > CompanyNAS > MyDrive/Users/Company/SynologyDrive.
Bute there is no files?! Nothing is syncing and I don’t see place where I can determine what to sync. What is wrong?
By the way, I downloaded Synology DS app to my iPhone, and it connected remotely immediately and displays all folders I have permission to see.

EDIT: I created new folder Synology1 and it started syncing. Still doesn’t see original folder it created by default, but that’s OK. I can live with this.

When I setup shares on my Macs from my Synology I tend not to use the ‘SynologyDrive’ suggestion and just point it to the directory that has the files.