Off-site backup for remote locations with rotating media (LTO tape drives and USB disks)

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I am looking for a solution for off-site backups in remote locations that have no internet.
As the total seize of the data is above 20TB a single HDD is not feasible.

The current approach is to have NAS#1 (e.g. DS1520) as Backup station & file server
NAS #2 and NAS #3 (DS220+) as targets for snapshot replication of the ActiveBackupBusiness folder and file shares. Either NAS #2 or NAS #3 is off-site. When the off-site NAS is reconnected to the network of NAS #1 the snapshot replications automatically resyncs the incremental changes to the freshly connected off-site NAS. This works but transporting a DS220+ back and forth is laborsome and there is also the potential drive damage during transport.

Is there a cost efficient way to do this with LTO drives as they are cheaper and more robust than HDDs?
I think programs like P5 Archiving support this but the license seem to be quite costly.
Any freeware/scripts that can do this automated?

Also, considering the space requirements, LTO-9 seems to be the media of chioce.
Anybody here that has some experience with LTO-9 drive units connected to Synology?

Still in this context, is there any means that you can use 2 rotating media for the same Hyperbackup job? Or do you need to create a specific HB job for each media and ignore the error report for the disconnected unit? Or are there scripts to activate a specifi HB job once the related disc is connected?

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