Offline Access to files in the Drive App

How di enable a folder in the iOS Drive App to always be available in the Drive iOS App? I have some scanned images that I always want to have available to me, even when i am offline.

Ok, I’m going to assume these files are stored on Synology NAS (given the category the post is made in) and that by offline you mean you are not on the same LAN as the Synology but have internet connectivity.

One option would be to copy the files to the iOS device. But if it is more than a handful of static files, that can be inconvenient. I found it ideal for a photo of my COVID vaccination certificate and a photo of my drivers licence back in the days when certain facilities required proof of vaccination before you could enter.

Another option would to be use Tailscale to create a virtual network of your devices. You would then not be offline in the sense that I have assumed. I have all my devices at the office and at home on Tailscale including a DS720+ in each location and my iPhone. The only time I’ve run into a noticeable slowdown is when I’ve been remotely logged into my laptop on my desk at the office from a computer at home and I’ve tried watching a YouTube video at the highest quality. Gigabit internet connection in both locations with the same ISP and the locations are roughly a mile apart. But that’s solved by not watching through the remote connection but on the local machine I’m on.

If you mean that you want to have access to those files when you’re not connected to the NAS in any way, then I think you can set Drive to sync those files and then select that you want those files stored locally.
In that way the Drive app will keep them synchronized with the NAS so that when you’re online again, any changes will be synchronized between your phone and your NAS.
I did that on my tablet when I went away on holiday because I wasn’t sure whether I would have a stable internet connection at all times, but still wanted to be able to access some files regardless.
Mind you, if there a lot of files you want to synchronize, the first time sync may take a while.

Yes, that is what I am looking for.

I found a place in the drive app to select individual files to keep in the device. But, I could not find a spot for folders.

On Android at the bottom of the app, there is a button called “More” (the hamburger menu button basically) and then you’ll see some additional options, one of which is “Settings” but another one is “Backup & Sync tasks” (my phone is set to Dutch so you might find it named slightly differently in English).
After clicking on that you can add Sync tasks which you can use to sync an entire folder from your NAS to your phone and vice versa.
Hopefully this is the same on iOS, but I have no way of checking sorry.

Thank you! I will look at that and get it configured.