Offsite NAS or raspberry pi and drive

Hello all,

I have never posted to a forum before so if I did not properly search for the answers or posted in the wrong place I apologize.

I have watched Will’s video a few times where he uses a raspberry pi to create an offsite backup with an external drive. I like this solution and think it would be fun to setup.

However, I am wondering if another NAS maybe a 2 bay and hyper backup is a more robust and reliable setup?

Thank you

My DS923+ attached to Deco M5 hub backs up via wifi using hyper backup to my old DS218Play attached to another Deco M5 Mesh hub.

My initial backup was to a local usb exterbalnal drive which I copied onto the DS218Play. I have the DS218Play set to turn on just before the daily backup. This solution works perfectly.

If I hadn’t got the old NAS I would probably have tried a raspberry pi as I| have two doing nothing in a cupboard.

Thank you @stefanjan it is nice to hear what someone else has tried and would try given what is or isn’t on hand. I’m thinking of the pi route because that is what @Will demonstrated. Plus I wonder if I had to drive and pick it up to do a restore if it would be easier to grab the external drive off of the pi.

Thanks again for responding!