Oh how I miss my wired house!

Katie and I have moved into our new townhouse (that we are renting) and I really miss being able to just run wires in the wall!

Our old house in Huntsville was a single story, and I could just hop up there and add any network drop that I needed! Now we have a townhouse that has no interior walls that I have easy access to! This is the current short term wiring until we get something more permanent figured out! There is CAT5e run downstairs, so I think I should be able to get it working!

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I know the feeling, up until last Aug, my fiancé and I had always rented so wifi was it but we put Cat6a cabling into every room in the house we built all going back to a central cupboard that has heat exhaust and plenty of power and purpose built to be the hub/heart of the home and have added some 4K PoE cameras since.

Can’t beat cable.

About to buy the 24 port 10GB Ubiquiti switch so everything will be 10GB.

You’ll get back there but it’ll be better than before! :slight_smile:

That switch is absolutely awesome! I use it as my main switch for computers and the 25 gig SFP28 input is awesome!

Yes, I did see the 25GB uplink. Love it.

I’m also playing with an idea of having a couple LR Wifi 6 WAPs outside and playing with the Captive Portal feature and offering free Wifi to my neighbourhood to

  1. See what the range and performance is like;
  2. It’s a new estate so there’s next to no phone signal;
  3. With the cost of living, help any of my neighbours if they’re struggling and can’t afford a sufficient speed internet or internet at all.

Your house was nice. Can i ask why you moved out and got in to this one?

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So we actually got moved to Huntsville for work. It was a goal of getting back closer to family (rather than LA). But once my wife and I quit to do :spacerex: full time we took the opportunity to move back closer to home!