Open VPN at tcp port 443


I have a synology 920+ fully auto updated.
For some reason my openVPN wont work in a dutch train public wifi network. I went on the internet and found a possible solution.

It has been said that a work around is to put the vpn on port 443 with a tcp connection. (To fool any vpn blocks that i am waching a website.) Im not sure that works but it is worth a try.

My question is; Is it safe to change to port 443 en open that port up to the internet to my vpn server. Or should i not take the risk.

Thank you for any answers.

You should be fine. Other ports to consider when OVPN is blocked, include 53 and 8443.

That said, I’ve found Tailscale to be an effective VPN solution, without changing OPVN ports.