OpenVPN is almost ready but local network configuration questions now

Hi everyone, I studied SpaceRex video about the OpenVPN access :

My question maybe is a newbie level, but how do I configure Synology Photo and Synology Drive when I’m at home and when I use the OpenVPN with Synology DDNS on my Laptop ?

I’m using Windows 11 on desktop PC and everything is working since I didn’t change a single thing on it.

But on my Windows 11 laptop, how do I make the switch or is the trick to set it and forget it ???

For example, my local nas is at and when I’m using the OpenVPN, I’m using like SpaceRex explained.

Do I need to use all the time the DDNS name like for example for all my applications ?

I would like to know that, because I would like to be able to use all the time Synology Photo on my iPhone and be able to upload pictures and videos directly to my NAS when I’m at home or on the go via OpenVPN setup.

Thanks everyone for you help !!!