Options - My DS718+ Failed?

My DS718+ is offline and displays a rapidly blinking blue light. I followed a Synology troubleshooting procedure - removed the drives and memory module and restarted. It continued rapidly blinking the blue light and according to Synology this indicates a problem with the mother board or power supply.

Are there any other troubleshooting options I should try? Given this is a 5 year old box, are repair options viable or should I suck it up and buy a replacement 2-bay NAS?

My primary homelab NAS is a DS1520+. The NAS that failed (DS718+) has 2 8tb drives configured as JBOD to back up the most important data on the primary NAS. I also have an rSync backup to a USB drive connected to a Raspberry Pi. And if that’s not enough, I have the truly special data backed up to Synology C2.

So if I decide to replace the 2-bay drive and keep the JBOD configuration, any reason I would want to go with something like a DS223+ ($250 on Amazon)?

Are you sure it is a DS223+ on Amazon? Not the DS223? I believe the DS223+ is not yet introduced.

I stand corrected, it’s not a ‘plus’. Given it’s only purpose is to contain a Hyperbackup, maybe a less capable/expensive 2-bay ‘play’ model would be sufficien?


The blink blue light on Intel systems can often be fixed with placing a resistor on the motherboard.

I think i fixed DS415 and DS418 but it been a while and i might confuse the DS418 with DS420. Amywaxs, before discarding the unit you might give it a try.


You can find more information looking in the synology forum with key words “100ohm blinking blue”

Good luck

No love getting the old DS718+ working. I ordered a DS223 to server as my main NAS HyperBackup location. I’m wondering if I can put the 2 old hard drives in it and it will pick up where it left off, of if I’ll have to reinstall/reconfigure everything.

When you just transfer the disks you still have all the shared folders but you loose the dsm settings.

Some apps like docker and AB4B have the configuration saved with the content and just need to be “relinked”

You can reinstall DSM through Synology Assistant and if you have, restore the lastest DSM settings from your synology online account or the lastet HB job