Organization of your Data / Dataset Hierarchy?


at the moment I am on the definition of the structure of my datasets and how to organize my data for the private family NAS. For this I am trying to follow the approach to have top-level datasets depending on their data priority.

However, it is hard to find a good concept and at the moment I am struggling with the question on how to handle different users in the folder/dataset structure.
For example, should I place photos inside
/tank/ds_prio1/photos/user1 and /tank/ds_prio1/photos/user2
or would it be better to have something like
/tank/ds_prio1/user1/photos and /tank/ds_prio1/user2/photos?

Could you, maybe, give some examples of your dataset structure and how you handle different users in your dataset/folder structure?

If there are family photos stored, how to handle photos all users shall have access to? From the content a single ‘family_photos’ dataset would fit best and sharing this dataset via SMB with all family members. However, if everyone has read/write access to store & view the photos there is a chance that a user deletes/modifies photos by fault. For sure, after a fault we can use snapshots and backups to recover the data, but is there any other good practive on how to handle datasets on which multiple users shall have read/write access?

I would really, really be interested on details on how you organize the datasets/folders on your servers.

Thanks a lot,