[Outage] Looks like Synology Quick connect has had an outage today 3/7/2023

Synology QuickConnect Outage

So it looks like Synology QuickConnect may have had a brief outage today. I have multiple clients on the east coast of the US who lost quick connect connections to their NAS.

How to Fix

So the fix seems to be pretty much resetting QuickConnect. Two ways to do it (that I know of)

  • Reboot the NAS
  • Disable then reenable QuickConnect (this might not work if you are currently connected via QC)

Has anyone else had this issue? If so where are you located (generally) / what happened?

Didnt notice.
I am new to Synology NAS , good to know that this problem exist.

I had a similar problem, although not with quickconnect.
On my PC I have driveletters assigned to easily reach my different maps on the NAS over the LAN.
Last week my driveletters didn’t work anymore. I tried the ping command to see if I could reach the NAS, this also gave an error. IP address unreachable.
After I rebooted the NAS everything worked as normal again.
I’m not sure if that was on march 7th, but it was in that week… (I’m using the 1821+)
Grtz from Belgium. Keep up the great work.

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