Package Center Icons Generic or Missing

My system is in the middle of an Extended SMART test it seems so it’s slow, but in Package Center, many of my icons are either generic or missing. There are a few that show correctly. I did clear my cache.

I set my DNS to for my 10gb connection on a 1522+.

Could it be some of the Apple security settings for Private Relay for example?

I am new to NAS so I may have things wrong or it’s just really slow to populate now due to the SMART test. Thoughts?

Solved after the complete set up was done include SMART Test and disk optimization they populated so I am guessing that was the issue.

This can also be a firewall issue. When content filter rules or geoblocking IPs block the specific node of the CDN(cotent distribution network) that your Nas wants to use this wull happen too.

In this case turn off all rules, then enable them one by one and try until you understand which rules block the access

I have seen this in the past with Synology just being slow to load on their server end.

Normally resolves itself fairly quick!