Package Center - Won't Load after Initial set up

I just set up my 1522 and followed the advice to set up and let Active Insight Run. When I follow the instructions for checking the time and try to Synchronize with NTP server I get an error. If I try to enter the time manually I get message that I can’t because Active Insight is running. Also on restart it says Storage Pool Operations running so I am thinking I just need to wait. Thoughts?

I am also not able to log into my Synology account from the Notifications tab or the Synology Account tab. It opens a new window and I enter my user name and pw and then it doesn’t log it in the DSM.

I was able to manually download the Snapshots package, but still can’t log in and have it hold, and the Packages Center still won’t load.

Resolved by adding a default gateway and DNS address into my static IP settings for my 10GB connection. I am a rookie at network stuff and this wasn’t in the setup video I watched from photographer Hudson Henry. Solved.

Hey there! I am having the same issue with the package center not loading after setting up the 10 gb port after following Hudson Henry’s tutorial also . Can you explain in really basic terms how you fixed this? I am totally clueless when it comes to network stuff. Thanks!

Mac or PC. Go to Network settings and make sure the 10gb connection has a DNS server address.
It’s either that or you asked it to check all the disks and you have to wait until that finishes.