.PAT file for DSM, need some installation help

*edit: this seems to be an update file for manual installation. This is the only option I see…I’ll keep digging…
*edit 2: I think I got logged in to DSM through the web…I was thinking I needed to download it and then install if on this windows laptop…still a little confused but it’ll get me going…any clarity would still be much appreciated!

Is this like a .rar or .zip file? When I installed DSM on my gaming PC, the install went right through. However, on this laptop, the intial install didn’t go so well- my youngest turned off my multi-outlet strip in the middle of the install.

I figured the dload just didn’t complete but after downloading again, it is still a .pat file and I’m not finding my info on how to open it and get DSM installed.

Thanks in advanced!!!

Depends on PAT file version. Starting with DSM7. You can no longer use 7zip to open the file. If yours is earlier than that. 7zip is all you need. After that no go, unless you have Linux and that Tiny Red Pill Loader.