pCloud Synology integration for backup

Thanks Will for your youtube channel and access to this forum.

I followed your directions of setting up my NAS. When you were scrolling through providers for setting up CloudSync, I thought/was hoping that pCloud was amongst them. Alas, it was not.

As I’m already committed to pCloud, and I’m looking for a way to sync the NAS with pCloud. By searching through the Synology, Reddit and other forums, it looks like there are 1,000’s of other Synology pCloud users, over many years, trying to find a solution. The only solution pCloud gave me was webDAV, but warned it was not suitable for large amounts of data. The only other solution I found online is rclone. Unfortunately that’s out of my competence.

Sounds like there have been many requests to both companies, which have fallen on deaf ears.

One thing I have tried is using pCloud’s desktop app which is very good syncing folders from my PC, Mac and Android to pCloud. I created a map drive from NAS to my myPC. I tried syncing that drive using the desktop app without success. Error: “Local folder path should not be from a network drive”. This wouldn’t have been a good solution anyway because it would require constant access to the PC for the sync to work.

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to achieve a sync between pCloud and NAS?

Thanks for any suggestions