Performance Improvements with Hyper-backup 4.1 - Data

My testing:

I have gone through and been testing the new Synology Hyperbackup package - 4.1 update with a DS923+ (4x 4TB HDD RAID 5) backing up to a DS1522+ (3x 8TB HDD RAID5) over a 10GbE connection. I started by creating 1 million 1mb files that were random data (it was the same random file, but copied 1 million times, more on this later)

Backups Done

Hyperbackup 4.0
Hyperbackup 4.1
Hyperbackup 4.1 Full System

Performance data:

disclaimer: this was not a perfect test, I did my best but there is a flaw in the fact that I used the same random file for all 1 million times

First Backup times:

Hyperbackup 4.0 - 3h 16m
Hyperbackup 4.1 - 2h 56m
Hyperbackup 4.1 Full System - 1h 17m*

Note: Turns out that full system backup does deduplication, not sure how this would effect the overall time

Second Backup Times:

this was done where there was no changes to the files

Hyperbackup 4.0 - 3m 2s
Hyperbackup 4.1 - 2m 40s
Hyperbackup 4.1 Full System - 3m 13s

Third Backup Times:

This is where the 1 million 1mb files where modified to a very small text file (single sentence) then backed up again

Hyperbackup 4.0 - 6m 17s
Hyperbackup 4.1 - 5m 43s
Hyperbackup 4.1 Full System - DNF *

This failed on multiple attempts to backup DNF (more on this when the video comes out)


Please consider a similar video on ABB’s feature to backup Synology NAS. I’m have trouble with the setup following the instructions in Synology Knowledge Center. A comparison with Hyper Backup would be useful too.