Plex on Synology NAS

It would be nice if you could do a full tutorial for them that uses Synology NAS for Plex as there main purpose. Picture, games, and file storage. 10, 5 or 2,5G transfer. What NAS to use (923+, 1522+ or 1621+) etc. Hardware Transcoding etc, big file transfers (movies, games) from computer to NAS etc.

I should really look into that! I have been planning on making a video on that!


Maybe the DS423+ (integrated graphics) is an option for Plex users?! The problem with it is that its a gen2 device so you cant integrate a 10GB slot for cat6 cables etc.

I’m in the process of cleaning up my Plex server and reencoding the videos so they’re H265 as they play so well but anything else and it struggles as I’ve got a Xeon so no hardware acceleration.