Port forwarding not working

Hi Peeps,

Synology DS220+
Huawei 5g Router
TP Link Archer ax5400

So I recently moved home, and I had no option but to setup my internet using 5G.
My Synology nas was previously setup and no issues.

I have the 5G router in bridge mode and the Synology connected via ethernet. I can connect to it in the home network no issues but I cannot connect to it outside the network.

DDNS I’m using Synology and the hostname is set, external address auto and status is normal
I have my port numbers chosen in DSM and login portal are the same values.

On the router the IP address is reserved.
In port forwarding, the ip address of the nas external port xx00 internal port xx00 and a second entry for internal port xx01 and external port xx01 both entry’s set to TCP.

I have upnp turned off.

Despite this I cannot access outside the network. I’m pretty sure I missed a step/s or messed something up so I’m lost.