Proxmox Backup Server as a VM on Synology NAS with CIFS/SMB mount

I do love my Synology NAS, though I wish they would put a stronger CPU in the + series.

I have a DS923+ and have recently found Plex. I run a number of containers on my NAS but the lack of GPU makes my 923+ inadequate for Plex if anyone wants to transcode.

I also recently bought a tinyminimicro PC (see servethehome - almost as good as your channel) and use that to run a few VMs. It came with Windows 11 Pro licence, so I ran Hyper-V for a while, but changed last week to Proxmox. I am not a linux God so rely heavily on Google and YouTube channels such as yours.

Synology Active Backup for Business supports Hyper-V (though officially not the Windows 11Pro version). It does not support Proxmox, yet. So I spent this morning setting up a virtual machine on my Synology NAS that would run Proxmox Backup Server, together with a CIFS/SMB mount to a shared folder on the NAS. If I lose my Proxmox VE or even the Proxmox BS, I still have the data and can recreate them both. I can also make off-site backups with Hyperbackup.

That would be worth your time for a video. There are plenty of Proxmox users who also have a Synology NAS.

Things that came in useful:

Proxmox VE Helper-Scripts (

(1) [SOLVED] - PBS - Mounting Windows SMB Share as Datastore | Proxmox Support Forum

(especially the uid=34,noforceuid,gid=34,noforcegid part)