QR Code or Barcode to access file on NAS

Hello everyone! I have an interesting use case and I would like your advice. Here’s what I want to do:
A) Walk into my shed in my backyard.
B) I have 150 black plastic boxes. I’ll print a label for each box with a QR code.
C) When I open my iPhone and point the camera app to the QR code, I want it to open a PDF file from my NAS.
So here are my questions:

  1. I’m sure this is possible. Right?
  2. Any suggestions on how to generate the QR code so that it knows the location of the PDF file on my NAS? For example, I have a mapped drive on my Windows machine to my NAS and when I scan box 1, I want the QR code to open the file which would be located at J:\Shed\Box001.pdf

I think this would be a great way to link directly to files. For example, you could create a QR code for your owner’s manual PDF and stick it to the side of your microwave. Boom!
Any help is appreciated!


(I am throwing this in the homelab section as it seems pretty homelabby)

This is an awesome project! I see it as two options:

  1. [web server] you could install web station on your NAS, then place each of the PDF’s you want in the /web shared folder, then link to that actual http address.
    • Pro: You could have it work anywhere in the world (or just on your local LAN) without requiring auth / software on the actual phone hooked up to it
    • Con: Anyone with access to the NAS on 80/443 (your lan, or the world if you port forwarded 80 / 443) would have access to it. Also you have to copy it twice
  1. Would just be taking that file:/// address and creating a QR code on it. Biggest problem would be having to have your phone always have the drive letter mapped

Seems like a really cool project!

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