RAM not being detected

Ram is not being detected, I made sure it was connected accurately and that it made the “snap” sound. I made sure to do the following steps:
inserted the gold connectors and the empty notch to the notch on the Synology
Using the Synology 4GB DDR4 2666 MHz Non-ECC SO-DIMM -
Rebooted Synology and ran Memory Check on Assistant
Control Panel > Hardware and Power > General. and unchecked the First checkbox.

Please help I’m at my wits end.

What synology are you using? have you made sure it’s able to take more ram? have you checked synology’s ram compatability list to make sure the ram you bought works with your synology model?


from here you might need to start going through your hardware troubleshooting steps. If everything else is setup correctly: you may have either a bad ram stick or a bad motherboard ram slot.

I would start by removing the old ram stick from it’s current slot and replacing it with the new ram stick. Then at least you’ll know if the new ram stick works or not.

I have a NAS 220+, RAM I currently have is the D4NESO-2666-4G. I made sure to check the Compatability List and bought it off their website.

Am I supposed to remove the white or red sticker on the RAM? or both? Is that why it isn’t being read?

So when you go to info center you do not see the ram increase?

From what you have laid out, it looks like more likely than not the RAM is just DOA.

You should not have to remove any stickers unless they cover the gold pins

thank you! I’ll get a new RAM and test it out.

Solution: The motherboard of the DS 200+ was DOA. All the steps followed after testing 2 RAM’s confirmed it.

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Well that really sucks! But at least now you know!

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