Regaining access to NAS over quick connect without access to MFA

Hi all, last week on my last day of a trip to Italy my phone was stolen in Rome… Italy is beautiful but crime and theft like this just make it a pain to spend a holiday in…

On my phone I had the Synology Secure Signin app to authenticate access to DSM. Since I lost access to my phone I am looking to get access and temporarily disable MFA until everything is sorted out.

Two factors make it a complicated matter though, the SIM card that was I my phone was used as the backup number which will take 3 weeks to replace. Assuming that with that SIM I can receive a One Time Password via text. The other complication is that I am currently based in the UAE for work and the NAS is in Europe, so I can’t perform the network preferences reset without having access to the NAS…

Considering the above, can anyone suggest some things I can try to do? I did try to get an “emergency code” which would be sent to my email but I have heard that this process may be blocked by gmail as Synology sends a QR code in that email.

Thanks in advance,

So if you had a authenticator 2FA you have two options:

  1. try the ‘Emergency Code’ via email, check your spam folder even. This is easiest
  2. Do a soft reset.

Soft resets are really not that big of a deal and will let you get back in without loosing any data.

Checkout this page on what is done when you do a soft reset:

Hi Will,

Thanks for the reply. The second option won’t work for me as I am not in the same location as the NAS.

So for the first option, if I checked the inbox and spam folders of my email, does that mean that gmail is blocking the email from reaching the inbox at all? Have you encountered this behavior yourself before, and can I adjust something that allows me to receive the email anyway?

Thank you,

unfortunately unless the email is in your spam folder there is nothing you can do