Reolink Duo 3 PoE (M81L) supported with Synology Surveillance Station

Hey all,
I’m struggling to configure a newly acquired Reolink Duo 3 PoE camera. I can get to it via my phone. It’s pretty cool. I can’t get to it via SS. I can login to it on my phone so I know my username and password is correct. I can ping it but I can’t set it up with the closest Reolink Duo 2 or ONVIF.
My network is simple 192.168.1.x
Anyone else have this camera and know any tricks? Thanks in advance. Wayne

I just recently set one up myself on SS. So can confirm they work and will tell you what works for me.

Open the windows reolink app, go to the duo 3 settings (cog symbol). Network->Advanced->Server settings->tick HTTPS and RTSP.

Then set up the camera in SS, pick Duo 2 PoE, fill in your details (make sure you set port to HTTPS and it should work fine.

I got mine working too. Same thing, I had to dig deeper in the Reolink settings to make it visible. Thanks for the reply.

It’s an awesome camera, kinda a 2 for 1 deal on licensing.

I am struggling hard to get my reolink 3 to work. I have followed all of these steps and I am just stuck with the camera saying “activiting” in SS. I manually added it though. It never showed up when searching for a camera?