Requesting larger files has a very very slow upload rate. Any work arounds?

Hello, I’m newer to Synology and NAS in general but have a very basic question. I shoot video for events and am looking for a way to receive large batches of video files (150-300gb) through my NAS (DS1522+). Right now, when I send a request through quickconnect on synology it is incredibly slow (takes over 5 minutes to upload 111Mb/s).

Is there any way for this process to be faster or do I have to get a cloud sharing service? My internet speed is around 550 Mb/s.

I’m not super computer literate but really appreciate any help. Thank you!

I am still new as well, but I am going to guess the remote access through QuickConnect is probably the source of lag. There are a few methods of remote access that probably have a faster throughput. I am sure someone can link the vid describing the various scenarios.