Restore data from Dead NAS without NAS

My 1815+ NAS has died, it had a two drive mirror as the OS and another five drive RAID5 volume. Is it possible to recover the RAID 5 volume without getting another NAS? The power went out and the NAS shut down with UPS, It won’t power back up.
I tried the transistors fix but no go.

I assume that you:

  • do not have a backup
  • do not plan on replacing the NAS

Extracting data from a RAID5 set without the original hardware or similar model is a specialized task, in my opinion. Buying a secondhand NAS would be my preferred solution.

As a side note, I do not believe that Synology installs the OS on one particular storage pool, but I could be wrong. You have your say in where your data is stored, but not the OS (called DSM).

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the response. I do have a backup of the more important things but I’m at a loss on how to restore that as well. It was backed up with Hyper backup to an external USB HD but I have not yet found anything on-line that can restore that in another environment. Do you know of a windows based software that can restore Hyper backup?

Hi Binomb,
Have you looked into Hyper Backup Explorer? This is a desktop utility that you can download from Synology Download Center and install on your Windows computer. Next, mount to the backup files and restore.

Thankyou Paul, that is what I’ve been looking for.
I did allot of Googling trying to find one but no luck. I’m not sure why Synology keeps it so secret.
This is awesome, 90% of my recovery is now available to me.
Most appreciated!!!
Sorry if this sound corny but you are my HERO!

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