Restoring a Mac from time machine back up on Synology NAS

Hello–Thank you very much for your recent video on setting up a Synology NAS for Mac Time Machine back up. I apologize as this is a very basic question as I am new to using a NAS. I have to Mac laptops doing TM backups to a DS215J NAS with a single 6TB drive in it. That is all this NAS is used for–a remote TM backup drive on my local network. The backups are going fine. If my Mac crashes or I get a new Mac and I want to restore it from the TM backup on that NAS, how do I do that? With a regular external HD containing TM backups, I just plug it into the computer, aim the TM on that computer at that drive and use Migration assistant or TM to initiate the restore. I know this is very basic, but, how do I do it with the NAS? Thanks for helping this beginner!

Maybe this helps: Fully restore macOS from Time Machine backup