Retired Noob an introduction

So being retired and newly relocated to a new home, I decided to start a new hobby, building a Homelab. (and watching SpaceRex)
Here’s the specs.
UniFi UDM SE Pro, USW-24-PoE, USW-Aggregation 10g
Dell R630, added 256GB Ram, Tesla P4, C63DV DELL Intel X520 2 x 10GB | i350 2 x 1GB Daughter Card, 4 Slot PCIe card with 2x2TB 980pro drives, and
4 HGST HUSMM1680ASS200 800GB 12GBPS SAS drives.

So having zero experience in IT, computers, or networking the learning curve has been steep.
This is what up and running/projects in under a year. 60k+ extended family photos scanned and stored. 100+ family videos (old style not Phone snippets) . Vmware running, Jitsi meet, 2 Game servers, VM running Windows 10, and currently setting up CWPanel Webserver. Bakups every two days with off site backups every two weeks.


Thats awesome! That unifi USW-Aggregation is such a solid starter 10gig switch for homelabbing!

I feel better now.


Much tidier - congratulations. I too am finding that spending some money on appropriate length patch cable and network cable management is worthwhile aesthetically and functionally

Great job

Curious- how loud is the Dell server?

It’s a Dell R630 I got on eBay for 250 bucks. During boot up it does the “I’m a jet!” thing, other than that I find it very quiet. You can always hear fan noise in the office but nothing distracting. After googling around I did find the R630 has a rep for being quiet. I add 4 2TB Nvme drives and a Tesla P4 and still no heating problems.

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I have the exact same situation! The R630’s are actually really perfect units for this kind of stuff. The are powerful, but actually dead silent (unless booting)

Pretty cool you got the Tesla in there! Did you have any issues slowing down the fan curve with the card?

Actually it went so well I had no recollection doing it until you asked. I just followed this post: added_tesla_p4 and it worked a treat. Also a great tip for noobs like me, is to keep a Notepad file every time you do something to your server. Your future self will definitely thank you. As in this case of how did I do that thing that I don’t remember doing?

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I completely agree! I have a git repo that I use for every snip-it of code that I write. Really helps simplify the entire setup