Reverse Proxy headaches

Just don’t know how to solve this…

I have a fixed IP from my ISP
I have set a A-record so points to this IP

In Webstation this is connected to a Wordpress set up in the shared web folder. This works fine.


I have set up portals for Synology Audio, Synology Drive and Synology Photos - made Let’s Encrypt Certificates for these and also I have set up CNAME records like
These work fine.


I would like to set up reverse proxy for my Home Assistant running on a RPi and some dockers running on my main Synology (1522) and some on the 918.

Whatever I do or try these do not resolve. Either I get a 403 error page or a server not found page.

Before I had a simple HTML /CSS page in the shared web folder and all the reverse proxy lead to this page. After removing the files it’s the aforementioned 403 or server not found.

I set up CNAME records on the domain I made for this purpose on my reseller hosting.
I can set up the Let’s Encrypt certificates.

I just cannot reverse proxy to my services…

Where should I start troubleshooting? Any help appreciated…

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I have been with Synology support for 18 days now but still having issues with reverse proxy except for localhost (so running the dockers on the same box as the proxy)…