Same UNC address via OpenVPN & LAN

Is it possible to have the same Windows explorer address to a folder on NAS when connecting via OpenVPN and when connected to LAN without OpenVPN?

So I have the router forwarding to and the NAS has a static IP address on the router

If it is possible what steps do I need to take?

I would like to use the same address on my desktop which is permanently on the LAN and my laptop which won’t be on the LAN when I am travelling

Since there is no name resolution via OpenVPN, unlike on the LAN, you should use the IP address of the NAS when connecting via OpenVPN.
That said, there is a trick when you install a DNS name server on your local network, on the NAS, for instance, and configure the OpenVPN connection to use that name server to resolve the NAS’s name.

So I can access my NAS via OpenVPN using IP Address What do I need to add to this to access a folder \synnas\data?

Hi stefjan, I suggest you check out this post on this forum:

Will’s tip at the end might be your solution.

Thanks Paul, looks like lots of useful information there.