Seagate Ironwolf vs Pro

I want to invest in drives for a DS1522+ I am not sure if I should go with Ironwolf or Ironwolf Pro. My main aim is to have fast as possible drives when I add additional drives. Will this 5 bay NAS see any speed benifits with one or the other or can I save some money and go with the non pro drives?

is this reference any help?

Not really, doesn’t address pro vs non pro lines I’m after. I know about the extra warranty etc, but was wondering about speed as the non pro is around 210mb/sec and Pro 265mb second

well, perhaps this video from a professional use case perspective might help you make a decision.

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I’d only purchase Pros.

The extra warranty, the Seagate Data Recovery and more specific to your question, yes, there is a performance improvement with the Pro and they’re more suitable to larger arrays (disk qty and volume size).

The performance difference was much more noticeable in the sub 10TB drives.