Securing AWS Lightsail Wordpress Instances with LetsEncrypt Certificates

So this might not fit exactly with this forum. However, I am a huge fan of Will and his YouTube Channel. His video introducing me to AWS Lightsail WordPress Instances was invaluable for me in moving my websites to AWS. Also, by posting here, I am hoping to poke Will into producing a video on this topic as I have, as yet, not found ANY resource that explains this in any way that helps me understand. wink wink nod nod :wink:

To be up front, my main goal is to just get some websites up and running. However, I love dabbling in the bank end stuff. I love to understand what I am doing and why. However, Multisites and the number of times I’ve had to delete and reinstall my instances because I didn’t do something correctly is proving beyond my skills. My single site is working well, but I would love to use Multisites to keep the admin in one place and, to be honest, keep the costs down a little. The sites I wish to create are all related. So this also meets one of the other justifications for using Multisites.

I asked ChatGPT why I can’t find info on this and the response had sense. The answer is here for those interested: LetsEncrypt on AWS Lightsail Multisite .

I’ve had limited success Forcing Apache to redirect HTTP to HTTPS on Subdomains. However, the main domain still proves to be a problem. I am not sure if I should be using wildcard certificates, installing separate certificates for each subdomain, etc.

Honestly, what I am looking for is a simple step by step guide that does this on an AWS Lightsail Bitnami WordPress installation. Any links, suggestions, help or new SpaceRex videos are greatly appreciated!

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Here are the instructions I used. In most cases it will automatically forward http to https for you (or ask if you want to do it during setup) Generate and Install a Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate for a Bitnami Application