Self-hosting unifi network server on synology

I hope this fits in the HomeLab forum. I recently bought a Unifi 6pro AP and realized that self-hosting on Synology NAS might be my only choice as I only have MacOS at home.
I followed Will’s video at to pull docker image and set it up on Synology NAS and started the container. I got stuck at the “inform host” step not sure what IP address to use.

My router internal IP:
My NAS internal IP: (reserved on router as static IP)
My router external IP:

On the “inform host” settings, I used the IP: but I am still unable to find the new 6ProAP. I can find it and adopt it on my phone running the unifi App but I have limited options on how to manage the AP there. Would be great to be able to mange this AP through a Web UI.

I have been stuck for a few days now, I’d appreciate it if anybody could help me out. Thank you for your time.

Might found a solution.
Thanks @Will for the reference linked to the video, according to unifi-network-application -

I am able to notify the AP to use a port 6080 instead of 8080, and it worked. My case, it’s not about the IP settings, it’s about port 8080 being used by other service on NAS and unifi AP was configured to use port 8080 if not changed manually.

I still don’t know how to assign port 8080 to unifi network server, but the manual setting works.