Setting up Static IP


I purchased a DS923+ for my team, but I’m completely new to storage and network. It’s been a month, and I’m still unable to properly configure it. It would be really appreciated if anyone could assist me. We can use Zoom or something.

Control Panel > Network > Network Interface Click once on the interface (LAN 1 or LAN 2) that you have connecting your NAS to your network (the LAN should say “connected” in blue). Click on Edit . Under the IPv4 tab click the radio button for use manual configuration and fill in the information specific to your setup.

Hello friend,

I just have the range, but i dont know the gateway or dns for setup. I’m a dummy when it comes to Networking.

Is your network using something like 192.168.1.x for all your devices? (computers, NAS, printers, etc.)

If yes, then these are the settings:
The only thing you might want to change is the IP Address, you can change the last number only but you must leave the 192.168.1. part alone. For the last number you can use any number from 2 to 254 and you shouldn’t use a number that another device is already using. (In my example I chose 139) You can check your network router to see what IP addresses are already being used. Tell me if this helps.

I’ve tried everything, but nothing is working. DHCP configuration I can only see my laptop if it is linked to the LAN. My coworkers are unable to access it via WIFI. Furthermore, if I set it up manually When the setup is finished, the connection status is always “failed/ready”. and nothing occurs. It’s difficult to describe this here. If you can provide me with your email address, I’ll be able to contact you there and we’ll get on a zoom or something if you’re comfortable. It’s strange that I’m in this situation.

Something like this

The solution provided went above my head hence I would love your help here.

It sounds like you have more fundamental network setup problems than just configuring your NAS. I really have no time to zoom and it looks like you may not know enough to do the basics. I will try to help when I can. Can you post a DETAILED diagram of your network? What devices do you have and how are they connected to each other and are they connected using an ethernet cable or through WIFI. Also, what are the IP addresses of each device on the network? To understand your problem a layout of exactly what you have so far is necessary.

These are the details I have. We use WIFI and Ethernet, NAS is connected to LAN via firewall (Fortinet).

One possible issue is there is a conflict with the DNS service. Both the Synology device and the router/firewall commonly used in home networks can provide Domain Name Service resolution and DHCP services. If both devices are enabled at the same time you will likely not be able to correctly resolve addresses or device names.
I suggest you check the Synology NAS to ensure the DHCP and DNS services are disabled.

i should log in to DSM to see DHCP and DNS services are disabled?

Your problem is with the NAS but you didn’t give us any of its settings. On the NAS go to Control Panel > Network > Network Interface Click once on the interface (LAN 1 or LAN 2) that you are using to connect your NAS to your network (the LAN should say “connected” in blue). Click on Edit . Then take a screenshot so that we can see the settings you are using to connect to the network.

Then go to Control Panel > General. There is an Advanced Settings button there. Click it. Click and drag the Advanced box to move it so you can take a screenshot of the General tab and Advanced Settings together. We need to see all the settings you are using for your NAS. Doing all this will show how your NAS is connecting to your network. This is critical to understand how your NAS is connected to your network.

Doing this will help answer the DHCP and DNS questions.