Setting up Synology in a co-working space office


When I tried to originally set up Synology inside my office at a co-working space I rented, I was able to “find” my device but then it error out once after I agreed to Synology’s term and condition. However, when I took it home to do the install, everything worked well. Inside my home, I was able to view my drive via SMB totally fine.

However, when I take it back to the co-working office, which is the location where I want my NAS to live because it’s much higher reliability in power and internet, it is no longer able to find the server via SMB. I’m using a MAC.

Anyone else rents space inside a co-working space that can give advice on what extra steps I need to do to make this work.

Without any information about how the the office network is set up and how internet service is provided to you, you probably will not get a good answer. You need to know how the co-working LAN/WAN is made available to you and if you are tied into their LAN.

Setting up your own personal router at the office to connect to will gives you control over how your MAC, NAS and other devices you bring will connect to eachother. If you are part of their LAN, then you have no control over the firewalling that might be happening. You can also opt to plug your NAS directly into your MAC using USB. This gives you complete control of your NAS. Without a better understanding of the networking situation it’s difficult for anyone to give you a good answer.

Thanks a lot for your response.

Do I just need to ask the co-working IT people how is the LAN/WAN is made available to me? Or are there more specific questions I can ask them?

Sorry for the newbie questions.

It would be helpful if you explain exactly how you set yourself up in the office. What devices did you bring and how exactly did you connect them to each other. Also, you should ask management if the wall jack (I’m assuming it’s an RJ45) is merely an internet connection only or are you connecting into their network.