Shared folder Hyper backup to S3

Hello all,

I noticed something and would like anyone who has a knowledge to clarify if its normal or not
I have a shared folder directory with size 1TB, already backed up to backblaze using hyper backup(took ~10 days), the problem happened today when i changed and added users in the permission tab and hyper backup is now backing up it seems the full 1TB, nothing was changed in the folder except permissions. (Backup in progress 100GB till this moment)

So in the backup are you actually seeing data transfer outside of your NAS? (looking at the network upload)

What could be happening is all of the permissions for the files are are being rescanned. It may not actually be uploading any significant data

Thanks @Will , you might be right, uploading is not constant. Going 0 and then reuploading. It’s time killing to backup with synology side encryption. Process is been running 3 days and its 80% now.

One thing I have seen is that the S3 protocol for hyper-backup does seem to be pretty slow with updates like this compared to either using rsync or hyper-backup vault

I should try rsync, but i never used hyper backup vault as a destination (which of course it has to be a synology too). I use snapshot replication to the other nas, isn’t it enough?