Site to Site VPNs with CGNAT (Starlink)


I would really like to hear what are good solid reliable options for a “site to site” vpn option. I have a business with a static IP address and a home using Starlink. When I was connected via cable modem at home I used ddns with my Synology router to connect to my business Synology router for a very stable site to site vpn. This would allow connectivity to printers, servers, iot items, and the Synology NASs at each location. CGNAT has become a substantial hurdle trying to setup up something that will allow similar connectivity. I am currently running Tailscale and it is okay. It seems to have too many limitations compared to a true site to site vpn. It would be great if Synology would offer something like tailscale im their router or nas.

So because you already have one site with a public IP it’s pretty easy!

At your office you are going to want to setup a site to site openVPN server. Then at your house you just connect back to that site to site VPN, connecting your home network in. OpenVPN only requires the site acting as the server to have ports exposed. The connecting sites do not require any ports open!