Slow Drive Client Sync Speeds

Hey Synology community, I’ve set up a remote connection via drive client for a sync task for about 2TB of video footage for remote editing. My problem, however, is that despite having fast internet with a 2.5Gbe connection to my Mac (2019 MBP), I’m only seeing up/down speeds of ~25mb/s as drive client downloads the footage. Any thoughts on how I might be able to speed this up? This really isn’t a sustainable workflow for me.

Let’s focus on the ‘fast internet connection’.

To get the picture, at location A, you have a NAS connected to the local network. What is the LAN speed? What is the internet upload speed at that location?

Next, at location B there is the computer with Drive Client. How is the client connected to the LAN? What is LAN speed? What is the internet download speed at that location?

You get the picture: it is a chain and all shackles in that chain play a vital role.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the response! Indeed at location A I’ve got a NAS hardwired with cat6 cable to the main computer getting LAN up speeds typically >600 Mb/s. At location B I’ve got a computer with drive client hardwired with cat6 cable to the router getting down speeds typically >700 Mb/s.

Does that clarify?

Hi ecp55,
Thanks for the information. What you shared are the speeds over the local network, which are quite impressive by the way.
What I am after is internet speed at both locations. That is the transfer speed from the router to the internet service provider. These are typically much slower.

There are always two speeds, upload and download, at each connection. The upload speed at the source location (location A) and the download speed at the destination (location B) are relevant.

You can test the connection with utilities like SpeedTest or similar.
Typically, the upload speed at the source location is the bottleneck.

Hi Paul,

My colleague did an internet speed test at location A (I’m at location B), and got 922 Mb/s down and 904 Mb/s up. At location B, I’m getting 730 Mb/s down and 761 Mb/s up.

That said, now I’m a bit confused about the difference (please forgive my ignorance) between that and LAN speed… I think these numbers were what I shared in my first response (I just estimated there).

Many thanks,