Slow Hyper Backup speed via Starlink and Tailscale

My first remote backup is currently running and I am backing up from my local NAS on using my Starlink to a remote NAS on the Starlink network as well. When the backup NAS was local the backup would take 3 minutes but the current first running remote backup over the Starlink system using Tailscale is extremely slow.

I have a 5gb backup difference since the last backup and the transfer rate often just shows 0.00 B/s and will jump to 200-300 kb/s briefly and the progress amount of total data sent will change.

I figured over the Starlink system it would be rather quick but it seems not. Progress has been 3gb backed up in the last 5 hours.

Is this the normal experience for others as well?

Could the slow speeds be caused by data being encrypted? If I disabled data encryption would that help with the file transfer speed?

My Starlink speeds are 35 mb/s upload and over 200 mb/s download so I was surprised to see the 200 kb/s uploads using Hyper Backup.

Any ideas on options to speed this up?

So generally with hyperbackup, over a high latency connection, the biggest impact on time is the number of changes, rather than the total amount of data. (for subsequent backups).

I would be surprised if the slow down was caused by encryption as encrypting the data should and an incredibly small overhead, compared with the latency between the two units.

Generally what I would say is don’t worry about it as long as it finishes before the next backup.

Thanks. It may mean that I have to schedule my remote backup every other day rather than every day to ensure it completes when I have a large number of changes.

I would not worry about that. Hyperbackup will just notify you if its running while another one is scheduled to start. That would be the case where a backup took more than 24 hours. Basically it will just skip the backup and start again the next day

Thanks, I have the 3, 2, 1 setup. I also backup to a local harddrive but this one only takes a couple of minutes. I noticed the other day that it was waiting as my remote backup was running.

Thanks for the help.