Slow picture/video upload from iPhone apps - Drive and Photos mobile

Uploads from the Synology iPhone apps (Drive and Photos mobile) are extremely slow. As I watch the progress bar about 1 picture/video per 2 or 3+ minutes. I’m curious if others have a similar experience or if my settings are sub-optimal somewhere.

  • I have gig internet at home with 40.0Mbps uploads when testing at

  • iPhone 14 ProMax

  • fully updated synology apps (Drive and Photos mobile)

  • My initial upload count was about 46,000 photo/video files

  • one week later it’s at 39,000

  • wifi only is set to

  • DS418

  • DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 3

  • 20+ Terabytes free space on volume

Thans for any insight.

I love the channel Rex!

So this to me is one of two things:

  1. Quick connect relay server. If you are connecting remotely and using quick connect’s relay servers (adds latency)
  2. The phone does not have the full resolution file downloaded already. It has to download the file from the cloud first. This can make the backup take a very long time

Excellent points.

  1. I am using the Quick Connect option to connect. I’ll look at the direct connect options as a variable. Please don’t hesitate to make any recommendations!

  2. I recently turned off iCloud for exactly this (and other) reason! An implementation of a more robust iPhone media backup outside of the iCloud infrastructure is a top priority.

Thanks for the tips,